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Individualised Living Options (ILO)

Innovative Support Solutions Australia are a registered provider of Individualised Living Options - Exploration and Design or ILO. So, what is ILO? ILO is a relatively new funding stream provided by the NDIA to assist people with a disability to find housing and support solutions that meet their individual needs. ILO does not fund housing or rent but funds the supports you need to live a meaningful life in the home of your choice with the supports you need.  

ILO supports are designed to work with other support you receive from the NDIS, your family, friends or other networks so that you can have a:

  • sense of home and belonging  

  • connection with others 

  • safe and supportive lifestyle.

ILOs provide support for an in-depth exploration and design process which will identify home and living options for you. You will have a personalised and detailed home and living supports package.  

There are many ways in which the package of supports can be designed. Some of these involve helping you to live in the community with housemates, or in Host arrangements (where you live in the home of a non-related person who provides in home disability related supports, household assistance, emotional support and a family environment).  

All ILO packages have primary and supplementary supports that enable flexibility as both minor and more significant changes are required.  

ILO is extremely flexible, each persons individual needs and choices are taken into consideration when designing a living option to suit them. Some examples of ILO are listed below:

* HOST ARRANGEMENT - you live full time with a person or family (host), who is not related to you. The Host provides a safe and welcoming home and the help you need

* HOUSEMATES/CO-RESIDENT - you live full time with people who provide care, help and companionship.

* MENTORS - a small team of paid supports exclusive to you who spend extended periods of time providing direct and indirect support.

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